How to change SPICE refresh from FULL to INCREMENTAL using create-ingestion CLI

We are currently using a full refresh of our SPICE datasets by using the following CLI:

aws quicksight create-ingestion --aws-account-id 9999999999 --data-set-id
–ingestion-id “aly-date +%m%d%y%H%M%S” --ingestion-type FULL_REFRESH
–profile qsingest --region us-east-2

The CLI is called in a shell script that first crawls S3 ORC data to load Athena daily table partitions before calling the create-ingestion CLI to load SPICE. I would like to change this CLI to do an incremental refresh with a lookback of 3 days.

Is this supported by the CLI? What changes would be needed to the CLI above?


Hi @koxley - Welcome to AWS QuickSight Community. Can you explore the boto3 API update refresh schedule. Before implementing in the actual data set, do a POC for the same. I have not used this but from documentation, we can update the schedule.
Please find the document link below.

Regards - Sanjeeb