SPICE dataset: schedule and configure incremental refresh programatically

Hi everyone!

I’ve created a SPICE dataset using quicksight, and I would like to know how to configure an incremental refresh for that dataset, but programatically (using boto for that would be good).

The problem is that, as far as I’m concerned, we can only run incremental refresh once it is configured using the quicksight console (we can define there the widow size and the column name of the table considered):

Can we configure that incremental refresh using boto or CLI, for example? It would be really useful to consider this in the project I’m working on.

Also, is it possible to schedule any refresh (full or incremental refresh, it doesn’t matter) using boto3? I didn’t find anything like that in the documentation.

Thank you!


Hello @jecaro094
Check this post and let me know if this helps to accomplish what you are looking for.


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Hi @JoseB-aws

Thank you for the answer, but that is not exactly what I am looking for.

As I said in my previous message, I would like to schedule any refresh (incremental or full refresh) programatically. Also, I want to configure any incremental refresh (define window size and column name), programatically too.

What it is described in your link mainly considers a full refresh triggered from a lambda, but that is not what I need (because it is manual and not scheduled).


Incremental refresh cannot be scheduled through the API.
Regarding the previous solution, what you could do is schedule the trigger of the lambda function which launches the API to refresh SPICE. Kind of like doing a cron job to trigger the lambda.