Supporting actions for chart data and chart legends

I have a bar chart visual. I’m trying to support two different actions:

  1. when the user clicks on a bar, open another sheet with a parameter set based on a field of the bar that was clicked.
  2. when the user clicks on a group from the legend, set a filtered parameter based on which one they clicked on

It seems that I cannot have both. When I add (1) and then click on the legend, it opens another sheet without the parameter set.

Does anyone know if this use case is supported? I feel it is a pretty standard flow for chart visualizations - allowing user to click to filter on a legend but also supporting an action when clicking on a specific datum. Apologies if I’m doing something wrong here.


Hi @oek, you need to make sure that you set the Activation to ‘Menu option’. You can only have one Select action per visual but you can have multiple menu options. When you click on your chart you’ll then have the choice of the two options.

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@Steph Thanks for the response.

If you dont mind, I’ll reorient my question to try focus on mitigating the immediate confusion that my users (and myself) are hitting.

So, I have a bar chart with a “select” action: if a user clicks on a bar, they will be redirected to another sheet with a parameter set based on which bar they clicked on.

However, in this setup, if a user left clicks on any group item in the legend (which is typical for people coming from other chart tool UI’s and assuming it will visually filter the data), it will redirect to the other sheet without a parameter set. My other sheet does not work without the parameter set. This behavior is confusing. I think the ideal behavior in this situation is simply no behavior for a left click on the legend.

Please let me know if I can further clarify, thanks.

Hi @oek, in that case I would suggest removing the select action and just using menu actions, as this will definitely remove the confusion that your users are facing. You don’t have to have a select action if you don’t want/need one, you can just use menu actions. Also, in case you are not aware, you can set the action name to be meaningful based on the user click, so for example, if you are setting a parameter by clicking on the bar, you can set the name of the action to “Show detail for <<[Your parameter]>>”. Clicking the three dots next to the action name will list the available parameters. If you can set meaningful names for both actions, this should make it clear to your users what they need to do.

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@Steph I would much rather use a “Select” over a “Menu” in this instance as that is more intuitive for users. However, it sounds like that is not feasible so I will have to use the workaround.
It would be great to see the configurability increase here so that I can build intuitive dashboards for my users though.


@oek OK, so just so I understand, you would like to be able to use the ‘Select’ option, but have different actions depending on the part of the visual that the user clicked on, so in this case one action for the bar and one for the legend.

We’ll mark this as a feature request, but will also mark my previous answer as solution as this is how it currently works and solves the issue of confusion for you users, even if it’s not exactly what you want.

Please let me know if there’s anything I missed. Thanks for using the QuickSight Community :slight_smile:

Thanks, that sounds reasonable .