Table scrollable in the QS report?

I get a QS email report and the rows in the tables are variable, so sometimes I see the row being cut off in the report, Is there a way to make the table scrollable in the report ?

Is there anyway I can get the full data in email ?

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Hi @Aneesha_Gattamaneni -

QuickSight doesn’t support pagination for reports today.

Depending on your requirements and the number of pages you could try this workaround.

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Pagination of tables when printing to PDF and for email reports are something we are working on this year! Stay tuned.


@Jesse - Any update on this? This feature is very helpful for our Business. Currently, the pdf file generates only the screenshot that it displays on the screen. This will not be good for the pivot table. Because users need to see all of the rows. Do you have any ETA on this? This is one of the Drawbacks of Quicksight compared to other BI tools. If your team takes this as a high priority that would be great.

@Jesse, Please share updates on implementation of this feature as we do have the similar requirement where we are trying to use QuickSight in place of Business Objects. So, need to display all Financial data in tabular form and one report pdf can be upto 100 pages long.

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