The problem is we have two filter. Second filter is depends on first filter. If we change the first change, second filter doesn't reset the value. It have previous value. It will reset once choose the select all options. Why it's happening?

Please help me to fix this problem.

I have seen the same issue happen. Looks like a bug?

Yeah. Its looks like a bug.

@Indu Thank you for reaching out. I would recommend filing a case with AWS Support where we can dive into the details so that we can help you further. Here are the steps to open a support case. If your company has someone who manages your AWS account, you might not have direct access to AWS Support and will need to raise an internal ticket to your IT team or whomever manages your AWS account. They should be able to open an AWS Support case on your behalf. Hope this helps!

It’s a known issue that has been discussed/reported a few times:

Thanks for calling this out @David_Wong