How to reset relevant controls after changing a control?

I use relevant controls to filter the options of a downstream control based on the value of an upstream control. If I select values for both my upstream and downstream controls and then change my upstream control, my downstream control would keep its value, which could be invalid. How do I automatically reset the value of my downstream control whenever I change the value of my upstream control?


Can you please check whether QuickSight cascaded filter control helps to meet your requirement.

Example is given in QuickSight Author workshop interactivity exercise-2

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Thanks for responding.

I am actually using cascaded filter control, which is already useful. However the problem that I described in my original message even affects cascaded filter control. Updating a “top” filter control does not reset a “bottom” filter control.

I’ve attached screenshots to show this more clearly.

The valid values for Index when selecting Region: EU and Marketplace: 3 are eu-*-uk.

The valid values for Index when selecting Region: EU and Marketplace: 4 are eu-*-de.

However if I first select Region: EU, Marketplace: 3, and Index: eu-apparel-outlet-uk, and then change Marketplace to 4, then Index remains eu-apparel-outlet-uk, even though that’s not a valid value.

Adding more images to make my example above clearer.

Adding more images to make my example above clearer.

I believe that it’s the same issue that was discussed in this topic:

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Hi, I tried to simulate the issue you have highlighted with cascaded filters. I couldn’t reproduce it. Can you please raise a support ticket with AWS to investigate further. Here are the steps to open a support case so that we can help you further: Creating support cases and case management - AWS Support. If your company has an internal IT team, you might not have direct access to AWS Support and will need to raise an internal ticket to your IT team. They’ll open an AWS Support case on your behalf.

In my test, I observed that cascaded filter values get changed but you have to ensure that both inner and outer filter selections must be in harmony (e.g. inner filter value should be “Select all” or one of values from outer filter to get results.


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Hi @AnwarAli,

In your test, you first selected the AMER region and LATAM sub-region. After you selected a different region, we would expect LATAM not to be selected anymore because it’s not relevant to the new region that you selected. We would expect the Sub-region filter to get reset to All. Does that make sense?

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