Control filters

I have three controls, A (drop down), B (drop down), and C (free text). they are working fine as expected but I want to add feature if I type some values in C filter control, other control filter should also get affected and instead of showing all, it should show respective values.


Hi @SantoshB,

Are you looking for relevant values display even without filtering C?
If you mean, once you type is values in C and select filter values, A and B should show relevant values, then you can configure the same using show relevant values under control options.

If you are looking for value update without filtering C and only by typing as it appears in C, then I do not think it is possible to configure likewise.


Thanks for your reply. Can you please show me where this option is? show relevant values under control options?

You can opt to edit the control, and then you will get the format control option.

its not working how I expected. all 3 control comes from same dataset and meant for different filter values. Since control C is text field, if I enter anything, the relevant values should show in other controls instead of showing all (by default its showing all).

In this case, if I search Country and click on the drop down list, it shows All by default, when you click on the Region, it shows region related to the country. In your case, do you mean that you want to to display the region instead of All?
what is the expected behavior if it has multiple region?

Yes, if you type Argentina in Country, in the Region it should show AMER. There are no multiple values. Its always one.
Its like this (In reverse order), Country and State (free text), If I type New York in state control, in the Country control it should show USA.

any update on my request?