Time Out of Order in Pivot Table

Hi All,

I am having a formatting issue with a pivot table that I created. The order of time is not in the correct order (ideally I want to start at 10AM and end with 4:30PM. Does anyone know who I can change this order? Or where the source of this formatting issue is coming from?


Pivot Table

You’ll need to make your appt time’s a number and sort on that.

You may or may not have a field like this already. If you don’t here are a couple options.

If you have an appt timestamp then you can make a calculated field like this.

number_of_hour : extract(‘HH’,{appt timestamp}) + (extract(‘MM’,{appt timestamp})/100)

If you don’t have a timestamp you could use your appt time. You can do a calculated field like this.

number_of_hour = parseInt(slit({appt time},‘:’,1) + (parseDecimal(slit({appt time},‘:’,2)/100)

Then go to your appt time in the field wells, click on the drop down, and go into sort options.

In the sort options you then pick your newly created calculated field. Make sure you pick average (you could have more rows for a particular time and that would affect other aggregations). Finally click ascending.


Let me know if that works!

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