Time Stamp

Can any one help in showing time stamp from insight, their is already question exists but not able understand the process how they done it…?

Hi @nitishpala - Can you please provide more details on the problem statement. If you can give some screenshot about your requirements, it will help community to guide you in right solution.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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I need to show time stamp in dashboard, when the last refresh of the data is done…

My question is already stated, but no one is explaining perfect procedure

Can you explain complete procedure?

Hi @nitishpala - Can you please follow the below steps.

Step -1 : At data set level, add a calculated field and paste now() for the value. See the screen shots below.
Step -2: At Analysis level, Add insight, select the date field in the dimension, edit the narrative and put t your narrative. and save it. Edit the title and sub-title. See the screenshot.

hope this is what you are looking for.

Regards - Sanjeeb