Timestamp column showing as Null in Visuals

Hey community,

I have converted an Epoch time (column=“tstamp”) to timestamp (column=“timeStampUTC”) in QuickSight using a calucalted filed function .

Converted to…

The conversion from epoch to timestamp seems to work.

However, when I visualize the data it in the Analysis it shows as Null.

Screen Shot 2023-01-05 at 12.36.20 PM

Any insight as to why this is happening?

hi @RossDickinson97, I took few sample epoch date values from your example, created an excel file and added a sales column and uploaded that file as dataset. Then I created a calculated field in dataset and in analysis to convert the epochtimestamp value to date using epochdate function and was able to create an analysis with counts and sum(sales) and both worked correctly, see below -

Can you double check the date formatting for timeStampUTC column in your analysis.