Tracking and managing who and what is uploading CSVs or Excel to SPICE

Hello, I have several authors/developers and they normally upload CSV and spreadsheets to Quicksight-SPICE to create and update their analyses and dashboards. Need to know if there is a way to see what they are uploading to manage our SPICE usage status. I’m trying to organize the upload by Shared Folders but some of the files are not shared. As an Admin, is there any other way of identifying those datasets. – Thanks

Hi Raul. To enable full access to the objects you can see this article: Enable full object access for admin. We are working on a solution that wouldn’t require this work around.

You can also see this blog post on building an admin console: Building an administrative console in Amazon QuickSight to analyze usage metrics | AWS Big Data Blog

Thanks for the quick response. I’ll try this in the meantime while waiting for the better solution.

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