Unable to add another dataset when trying to update a dataset

My team has been having issues with a couple of other datasets and are unable to add or load in a new dataset when trying to update a pre-existing. Anyone else experience a similar issue.

Hi @Depaolac - it is possible that your admins have created a custom permissions role that prevents your user from creating new datasets.

Or maybe on the dataset you are trying to use in another dataset, someone specified that that dataset cannot be used in other datasets.

If neither of those are the source of the issue can you give me more color on exactly where you are when you see this error and what you are trying to accomplish?

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Hi @Depaolac - In addition to @Jesse point, please ensure your data set RLS is not implemented.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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Hi @Jesse, all the controls appears as they should. When I’m in the dataset I select add data and then select dataset. From there I receive the Not Authorized message. I can add tables from other datasources no problem.

So you were able to verify on the other dataset you have it set to ‘allow new datasets to be created from this one’? And can you verify there is no row-level security (RLS) on that dataset as @Sanjeeb2022 suggested?

Last thing to try would be to start from that other dataset and choose ‘use in dataset’ from there. From the datasets page:

Or from when you are on a single dataset page:

Yeah I checked and there was no row-level security restrictions.

Hi @Depaolac - Thanks for the confirmation, if there is NO RLS, did you get a chance to see @Jesse suggestion and see whether there is any permission issue with the data set. You can update the data set permission via UI or bot3 API.

Regards - Sanjeeb

Hello @Depaolac !

Were @Jesse and @Sanjeeb2022 's suggestions helpful in solving this problem or are you still running into this issue? If you were able to solve the problem could you mark their comments as a solution or post the solution you found?

Admin reached out directly for support. Problem has been resolved

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Thanks @Depaolac! Would it be possible for you to share any information about the solution – for other community members who may face the same thing?

Have a great weekend!