Unable to select some of parameters in Insight visual

hi everyone, I have a few parameters e.g., dynamic week number (integer data type) and dynamic month number (integer data type), which is used to control the dashboard and show the latest data there. I was trying to put dynamic week number parameter in the Insight visual ( I’m able to put the this parameter in sheet title), but I can’t find the parameter in the selection box on the right when I’m editing the Insight contents. could I know how to fix the problem. thanks!

There should be a parameters section here.

Are you saying you can’t see this?

I can see the parameter section. but I can’t find the parameter week_number, month_number, year_number but can see other parameters (e.g., dynamic_dataset_date) in my analysis here. have no idea why it is.

Are these parameters multiple values?

You can’t use parameters with multiple values in an insight

ah, yes, there are multiple. Got it, thanks!