Hello everyone. I have created two new Calculated Fields. One of them extracts Month/Year from an existing date_timestamp table field. The second one extracts a City Name from an existing address field.

Both calculated fields are supposed to be used as filters/controls for a table. But sometimes the filters don’t work and show an error message UNKNOWN_FETCH_FAILURE. Only after resetting/ refreshing the filters that error message disappears.

The message suggests using a Custom Filter List, which has to be filled manually. But the idea is to use Custom Fields for extracting values from the DB table automatically. Do you have any suggestions on solving this issue?



Hi @nasa,

Have you checked the suggestions on this community post?

Hi @andres007

Yes, for sure. I have tried to use a Custom List Filter as a workaround. But I would like to avoid manual maintenance of the list, since my DB gets new entries on a daily basis. So, I would need to extend the Custom List Filter manually on the first week of each upcoming month.

Besides that, the issue occurs very rarely, perhaps once in two months (but for all 100 users). That’s why I can’t test whether this solution works without any issues.

Hello @nasa, I have 2 other possible options for this that might be worth trying. First, what if you tried switching the calculated field to a function in your custom SQL when you ingest the dataset? That should resolve this issue while also keeping it dynamic with the data you are querying. Alternatively, you could try having a dataset that is specifically for your control dropdowns and set it to Direct Query so it needs to refresh the data on load. I’m not 100% certain that will resolve the issue since they are calculated fields, but I think it would work.

Let me know if either of those options resolve this issue or if you have any follow up questions. Thank you!

Hello @nasa, since we have not heard back from you, I will mark my last response as the solution. If you have any further questions on this issue, please let me know and I can help guide you to your expected output. Thank you!