Use a filter control for one field, but implement the actual filter on a different field

I have I have 2 datasets:

First dataset: Account
id, name, value
1, name1, value1

Second dataset: Account History (can think of this one as a snapshot of account table every day, for example based on sample data account id:1’s name changed from name1 to name2 at day2)
id, name, value, day
1, name1, value1, day1
1, name2, value1, day2

My question is, I have a dashboard where user selects an account and I show details of the selected account. I want to use both Account and Account History in this dashboard. I want users to select by account name (since id is just a number) but in the background I want to use account id as filter since account name is something can change.


Hi @Mehmet_Bilgin
Do I get it right?
You want to select name2 but would like to see day1 and day2?

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I want to select name1 (control will be populated from Account dataset) and I want to get day1/day2 rows from Account History dataset.

By the way I know I can join datasets and solve this problem but I have many other datasets that has account-id field but not account name, so I do not want to join all of them with Account.

Also I created a cascading filter with parameter but could not make it work.

Account id control is working with a parameter and I used this parameter to filter Account History dataset but it does not work, I mean it works but I have to manually select Account Id from the second control, I want it to work automatically, ideally Account Id filter should be invisible.

The main issue is as soon as you filter on name1 you exclude name2 of the selection.

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Yes, thats why I want dashboard users to filter by name but in the background filter works with Id.

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