Users managed inside quicksight - login session length

Hi, our users that are managed within Quicksight are complaining of a short login session time (which means they are logged out frequently)
How long is this timeframe by default and is there a way of configuring it?

Are you talking about the QuickSight console or your embedded app?

With an embedded app you can configure session lengths using code.

If it’s the console, I don’t think you can configure it as that is up to amazon.

Console, not the app. Any idea what it’s configured to by default?

Hi @lyndag , guessing you are using AWS SSO, you need to go to AWS SSO (IAM identity center), then click Settings Menu, at the bottom change Session settings, you would want to increase the time to your needs, 8h, 4h …

Hope you resolve your issue. this SSO setting will impact all your SSO users.

@saul thanks for your answer. However, no, we are managing Quicksight users directly in Quicksight users management.

Hi @lyndag -
QuickSight console’s session duration depends on what is configured while assuming the role. This can be up to a max of 12 hours per STS limits. QuickSight managed users are automatically set to the 12 hour limit.