Users with access not receiving scheduled reports

Hi, I have two weekly reports that are on scheduled send from QS to all users with access. However, a few of those users have reported that they do not receive the flash report. I have tried making them viewers, co-owners, deleting them and restoring them, but nothing so far as worked. I have also tried adding an email group that they are part of, but again, no luck. Does anyone have a solution? Thank you

Hello @Cheryl_Dior , welcome to the Quicksight community!

To double check, have you completed the steps described in the solution in this post?:

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Hi @Cheryl_Dior -
Did @duncan suggestion solve your issue? If so, will you please mark as Solution. If not, please let us know what additional help you need.

Hey @Cheryl_Dior !

I marked the comment above as a solution for now, please let me know if you need additional help!