Using Filters via KPI visuals


I have 4 or 5 KPIs visuals at the top of my dashboard. These KPIs each have their own filters. I want users to click on these KPIs and pass through the filters. The action filter is not working because there is no “value” on the KPI. Any ideas?

Here is a video I made: Quicksight - KPI filters | Loom

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Hello @Derek_Sanborn, welcome to the QuickSight community!

I seriously appreciate you sharing the video as part of your explanation, it made it a lot easier to understand what you are wanting to accomplish.

Unfortunately, there isn’t enough data/columns stored in the KPI to build an action from it that could filter your visuals how you are wanting. The alternative solution for something like this would be to create buttons with table visuals that could run the action for you.

You could create a button for each KPI that you want a filter for, add all of the necessary fields required for filtering, then hide the headers and all columns besides one. You can leave a calculated field that returns a simple string like “Filter for On Hold” and format the cell to look like a button. I’ll link an example for creating a button from a previous community response.

Let me know if this helps!