Using functions and parameters in URLs in an insight


I have a paramter (single value, string) and created a textbox with it. This textbox will contain comma separated strings.

Now I want to use each element of the string in the URL to fill a parameter with it. So i use the function split, to split the string on each comma. Then I want the first element in the url, after that the second and so on until a max of 10.

I tried to do it this way, but I get an error message:

error message: split(<<${ParameterStrings} - missing β€˜)’ at β€˜<’

When I use a string in the split function it works:


Is it even possible to use parameters and function combined in the URL?

Do you have another solution for my usecase? I want to give people a permanent url to the dashboard, where the data is already filtered to their needs. Parameter2 is a multi value parameter.

ah… i solved it myself :smiley:

this is the correct syntax:


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