Variation between specific days with variable cut in a waterfall graph

Hello, I have created daily, weekly (between saturdays) and monthly(between ends of the month) breaks to make comparisons between specific days. I would like to know how I could include a cut every 15 days (Day 1 and day 15 of the month). Once I capture the days I use a basic filter with the days that are in the cutoff plus the last date that I have in my data set, for the waterfall graph.

  • First, a parameter was set to pick the date cut wanted: ParCorte
    Just in case:
    “1) Diario” means Daily.
    “2) Semanal” means Weekly.
    “3) Mensual” means Monthly.

  • This is the calculated field I’ve created so far to get the dates that fall in the breaks:

    The desired result should include a 15 days cut (“Quincenal”).

  • This calculated field is for the graph filter: EsFechaCorteVarAux

  • My current graph:

Thanks in advance for your attention.

Here is a calculated field to group them to 15 days. This will check if the days between the first of the month are 15 or less. If so then return the first of the month. Else add 15 days to the first of the month.






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