Vertical reference line feature

Hi, How do I create a vertical reference line for a visual? Referring to Vertical Reference Line. Thanks

Hi @jarrym, here is instructions on how to create a reference line in AWS QuickSight?

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It did not help unfortunately. Here’s a screenshot of my dashboard. I want to add a vertical line marking the date of a specific event, along with the event description. I used paint to show what I’d like the vertical line to look line. How can I do that? The work around only allows calculated fields or entering values for the line but not dates.

Thank you

Hello @jarrym, I apologize, but this feature isn’t available at the moment. However, it’s on our list of requested features. At AWS, our roadmap is shaped by our customers’ needs, and your feedback is invaluable in improving our services. I’ve noted this as a feature request. We’re constantly adding new features, so stay updated by checking our What’s New / Blog section. You can set up a Watching Alert by clicking on the bell icon.