Vertical Reference Line

Would there be an option to add the ability to create a Reference Line but as a vertical line?

For example, if I wanted to add a timeline line to notate that a certain event occurred between Q2 and Q3 in this screenshot?

Hi @datanixon -

Currently this is not possible but it’s a great feature request.

Here is a workaround to get a reference line on the x-axis, it’s rough, but could work depending on your use case.

Step 1 - Create an event dataset with your event dates and descriptions. You will also need start and stop events that match the date range in your visual.

Step 2 - Create a free-form bar chart visual using the event dataset, remove all border/line elements removed. Check the “show date gaps” under X-axis

Step 3 - Line up your start and end lines with your main data visual.

Step 4 - Set the colors of the bar chart lines. I’ve set the start/end to white to “hide them”