Vertical Reference Line

Would there be an option to add the ability to create a Reference Line but as a vertical line?

For example, if I wanted to add a timeline line to notate that a certain event occurred between Q2 and Q3 in this screenshot?


Hi @datanixon -

Currently this is not possible but it’s a great feature request.

Here is a workaround to get a reference line on the x-axis, it’s rough, but could work depending on your use case.

Step 1 - Create an event dataset with your event dates and descriptions. You will also need start and stop events that match the date range in your visual.

Step 2 - Create a free-form bar chart visual using the event dataset, remove all border/line elements removed. Check the “show date gaps” under X-axis

Step 3 - Line up your start and end lines with your main data visual.

Step 4 - Set the colors of the bar chart lines. I’ve set the start/end to white to “hide them”


Hi @robdhondt

Is this formally a feature request? I would vote for it


This is a basic and much needed feature.


+1 vote for this feature

Hi. Just wanted to check if this has been made into a feature request? I think this would be a useful feature to have!

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+1 vote for this feature!

Another vote for this feature! If excel can do it, QS should be able to do it.

Can you please be more specific? How do you align the main data visual and the bar chart created with dates together?

+1… This is a basic task a chart should include… Lets not forget adding “Trend line”.

Has this feature been created? It’s a basic requirement and the work around is not straight forward.

Adding my resounding +1 to adding this feature! We have been asking for it for a couple years now! Let’s get it added, please :grinning:

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Adding a +1 for the vertical reference line feature.
Do we have updates on this since it’s been more than a year ?