Visual Embedding Update

I do not want Readers to have the option to embed visuals. How do I disable this feature while still having the ability to export to CSV?



I also am in the same boat. I would like to disable this feature at the dashboard level. We are an ISV and do not want to give the users the ability to embed individual visualizations from our embedded dashboards.

Is there a way to disable this either on the dashboard or on an individual visuals?

We still want to show the visual menu so that our users can export to csv or excel.



Not sure if this answers the question (as @bkasen you said you wanted to disable this feature at the dashboard level), but could you achieve this by limiting the domains for embedded dashboards in the central “Manage QuickSight” settings menu? If you explicit your own domain(s) as an ISV, although users would still see “Embed visual” as an option, I don’t think it would actually work when they go to try it?

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Hi @JRK - thanks, we are limiting domains for embedded dashboards so they are limited to only our owned domains/subdomains.

My hope is an easy way to hide that menu option from all of the visual menus if possible to create a clean UX without showing options that either appear not to work or are not relevant to our end users given our ISV use case for embedding.

Yeah, agreed - and leaving it in there prompts the questions that you don’t necessarily want to deal with either :frowning:

Hi there, the option to selectively hide the ‘Embed visual’ sub-menu is not currently available. I have noted this in our internal feature request tracker. Thank you for your feedback.