Viz Challenge H2 2023 - 3rd Place Winner - Databricks Observability (TCS)

3rd Place Winner, Sumitha M , Prachi Apale , Ruqaya Fathma , Ratnottama Dasgupta : Tata Consultancy Services (TCS India)

For the 3rd place, our partner, TCS, and a team, lead by Sumitha, created a dashboard for Databricks Observability. The dashboard provides visibility across billing, usage, job performance, and user access level information for Data Observability using Databricks System Tables. The Visualization implementation using AWS QuickSight contains three main dashboards: Billing Summary, Job Run Analysis and Audit Log Analysis by Catalog. Various advanced features of QuickSight, such as KPIs, insights, drilldown, drill through, tree map, Sankey diagram, etc,. have been implemented in these dashboards. Well done Sumitha, Prachi, Rugaya, Ratnottama, and the TCS team!

Databricks Observability Dashboard