Weekly analysis for reports

I’ve set up CID dashboards where my data is accessible. By default, the data granularity is monthly. However, I require weekly data analysis. What adjustments should I make?

Hi @GauriQS,

So, you want to adjust the data granularity in CID dashboards from monthly to weekly. You can follow the below way to adjust it.

You can click on the 3 dots beside the date field and click aggregate by week.


Let me know if this is what expected and if this answered your question

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Hello Shravya,
Thanks for responding.
I have changed the data granularity from month to week. However, I am unable to view the weekly data, as it shows no data for the selected visual. Data is only visible when I choose monthly aggregation. If you have any ideas or solutions for this, please let me know.

Hello @GauriQS - I will suggest create a simple graph ( tabular) and see whether you are able to see the data on weekly basis or not.

Regards - Sanjeeb

Thanks @shravya . I thought of create a calculated field and sum on daily basis, however the info is available in QS easily ( power of QS). Thanks for sharing this.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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Hi @GauriQS,
I’m just checking in on this question, as we have not heard back from you. Did the response from @Sanjeeb2022 help? If we do not hear back in the next 3 days, we will archive the question.
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Hello Abacon,
I have created a calculated field for the week, derived daily data, and used it for analysis

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Thank you @GauriQS . Can you please mark the require reply as the solution so that it can help other community member.

Regards - Sanjeeb