Why does it takes too much time to load the dashboard when I used Agg level calculation on the calculated field. Can you help me?

Hi Santosh,
Could you provide a few details :
Is the data running on spice or direct query ?
What is the aggregate calculation ( formula ) ?
Is there a sample example of data + calculation used ?
How many records are we possibly looking at ?
What details do you have when clicking on ( Show Details ) ?

Kind Regards,

Hi Koushik,

  1. It was running on spice,
  2. Formula:distinctCountOver({MEMBER_ID},[Region],PRE_AGG)/distinctCountOver({MEMBER_ID},[],PRE_AGG)
  3. Number of Records : 32294646
    I have used this formula many times for different calculated columns, as I go on adding calculated columns the dashboard keeps loading and at a certain point that message pops up, saying, “Getting data for this visualization took too long.”


distinctCountOver is an expensive calculation, especially when you have a large dataset.
There are a few tips may help: don’t enable totals/subtotals if you use table or pivot table. disable other_category (enabled by default) if you use bar/line/pie chart.