Workshops -- Get Started on Your QuickSight Learning Journey | English

Start your learning journey with these workshops.

  • Author Workshop - If you are new to QuickSight or looking to build advanced calculations in QuickSight, this workshop is for you. It will provide step by step instructions to grow your dashboard building skills from basic to advanced level.
  • Getting Started with Amazon QuickSight - Self-Paced 1-Hour Training Course. - Learn Introduction to Amazon QuickSight, Architecture and Use Cases, How Do I Create a QuickSight Dataset?, How Do I Create a QuickSight Analysis?, How Do I Customize QuickSight Using Themes?, How Do I Publish a QuickSight Dashboard?, How Do I Use QuickSight Q to Ask Natural Language Questions?
  • Admin Workshop - If you are looking to learn administrative features in QuickSight and ways to manage, secure and operationalize QuickSight environments, this workshop is for you.
  • Paginated Reports - Learn how to design and share highly formatted reports using QuickSight’s Paginated Reports add-on. Paginated reports can be designed to fit well on pages and display all the data even if it spans multiple pages. This workshop provides a step by step guide to create a paginated report, apply advanced formatting & row level security and then schedule & distribute the reports to recipients. We will also provide you a quick overview of reader experience.
  • Q Workshop - Learn more about Q - QuickSight’s Natural Language Query add on. In this workshop, we cover setting up a topic to bring in specific datasets, enhancing the topic to give Q more context on the data so that Q can answer wider variety of questions and see how to setup row level security for Q.
  • User-based Embedding - Learn how to embed QuickSight dashboard and session (full QuickSight experience) into an external web page. This workshop provides step by step guidance on setting up a sample static web page, with Cognito authentication, and embed QuickSight dashboard as well as QuickSight session in it.
  • Anonymous Embedding - Learn how to embed QuickSight dashboards into an open access page. You will learn how to do this for dynamic and static web sites.
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