X axis : Display records in lower units for Horizontal Bar Chart


I have a couple of use cases wherein sales amount in the data is in millions. However, I need to display the average of the sales amount on the x-axis for Horizontal Bar chart. The average is in thousands, however, the visual (x-axis) displays the units as 0M 0.01M 0.02M 0.03M…0.07M.

I created a calculated to field avg(sales_amount) and used it in the visual to check if the amount can be displayed in thousands instead of millions. But it didn’t help. Moreover, I am using a reference line for this visual and data labels for the reference line is in millions too. The reference line has a value of 6296 (i.e. 6.3k). In the tooltip, the value gets reflected. But on the chart it is 0.01M. I don’t think that is a correct representation for the end user.

Please advice. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Ajinkya_Bangale
did you try to change the “units” option?


I was trying this option at the field level. I tried it at the chart level and it worked.

Thank you!

You’re welcome.
Could you mark it as a solution. Thx.

Sure, I will do that. Thanks

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