YOY KPI with date selection parameter


I am trying to create a KPI chart which should show the YOY %, QOQ %, MOM %, and WOW % change, using a period selection (date selection) parameter. I read a couple of posts having similar request. But, I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this yet. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Posts I referred to



First convert the Year to date , you can find an example here : How can I make a formula that counts me in a 12 months rolling? - #9 by KLIKIN

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the following tips might help.



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Thank you for sharing the Tips and Tricks dashboards, they are very helpful. However, I am struggling to get QOQ and YOY metrics in my KPI chart. When I click on my parameter to “Year”, it only shows me current year value and does not provide YOY change or the previous year value. And it is the same for QOQ.

Secondly, not of my dates are in order. I might have made sales in Dec - 2023 but maybe nothing in Dec - 2022. How do I take in to account? And I don’t want to include DOD but rather WOW. How do I change the date selection parameter control so it accounts for this as well?

I have used this tip and trick calculation - https://democentral.learnquicksight.online/#Dashboard-TipsAndTricks-Calculation-Year-over-Year-KPI



Thank you for your help, but I think @Wakana’s suggestions accurately describes the calculation I need.