A bar chart that shows the monthly amounts and MoM% changes in the same bar chart

I want to make a bar chart that shows the monthly amounts and MoM changes in the same bar chart. Like this:

Chart with variation

And this is the way I have it today, but this is not appreciated well.

I appreciate suggestions please. How do you think I can show it?

Hello Nestor,

First of all welcome to the QuickSight community.

I think the required chart as shared may not be possible.
Please see the chart types available in QuickSight here :-https://democentral.learnquicksight.online/#Dashboard-FeatureDemo-Chart-Types

Moreover, If i am not mistaken I see the second chart you have shared has Yearly data on the Axis (Dec 2020, Dec2021…) but its Monthly ?

I think you may be looking for something below ? then may be your line chart field need to have the correct date field.

Hope this helps.

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Hello @reyesnes, did the response from @Deep help you achieve the expected output for your visual? If so, please mark their response as the solution. Otherwise, please let us know if you have any remaining questions on this topic, and we can guide you further. Thank you!