Access QS dasboard

Hi, I published a QS dashboard in an AWS account in us-west-2 region and am trying to share it with the team. I don’t see any team member alias or ant group getting populated when I try to share the dashboard. Are there any specific steps I need to follow ?

Hi Aneesha, is this an AWS account you have created? Each AWS account is private to the set of users contained within the account - so if other users are not already in the AWS account, you will need to either invite them via email, or add them via a Single-Sign On mechanism you add to the account. Once you do this you can share with additional users.

If you are using a QuickSight account that was shared with you by others, then you should already have other users present in the account who you can share with.

Hi John, Thank you for your input, I want to share this dashboard at an org level and not worry about giving individual users access. So just wondering if there is a better way of achieving it ?

Hi Aneesha,
I think that this might work → Granting Everyone in Your Account Access to a Dashboard


Hi James, the AWS account is owned by my team but I want the dashboard to be published to a wider audience at an Org level.

Hi Aneesha,

Individual users need to be provisioned in the QuickSight account based on the authentication mechanism you chose during subscribing the account. Once they are provisioned you can share the dashboard with everyone in the account. There is no mechanism to provision entire org to a QuickSight account other than onboarding individual users. If there are more details you are able to share, we are happy to explore this use case further.


In this case I would definitely look at creating a web application for access across the organisation and embedding the dashboard. Look at session based pricing, and this could be fairly straightforward.