Actions not working properly

I currently have a navigation action in place that automatically moves the user to the next tab and then filters data based on the selection made. When returning to the first tab and selecting a new row of data the user navigates to the second tab but the data does not filter to the selection- it keeps the data from the previous selection. I had this working previously and don’t believe that I’ve changed how I’ve set up the actions/parameters/filters.
Screenshot from 2022-05-11 11-12-55

Hi Todd,

You can only have one select action on a visual so want to clarify the flow that you had. Were you using a menu option activation to navigate to the other sheet or to perform the filtering? Can you add a screenshot of all the actions you have set up?


We have already fixed this problem. @todd.hoffman Is this still happening on your dashboard?

AWS did solved this- I’ll mark accordingly.