Analysis filter disappeared

I was in the process of creating filters for my analysis visuals, and unfortunately, both of them seem to have disappeared. I can’t locate them anywhere in the interface, but I suspect they are still active and affecting my data.
Could someone please help me figure out how to locate and delete these hidden filters? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!
Captura de tela de 2023-11-09 17-20-00

Hi Isis. If the filters were single visual filters then you will want to click through the visuals on the analysis and see if they appear on one of the visuals. You can then change the scope of the filter to be some visuals or all applicable visuals depending on what you want. See here: Filtering data in Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight

Hey, @lillie! This screenshot I took with the view of the two invisible filters is precisely after clicking on a visual to which they are applied.
But the filter suddenly disappeared from both the top of the page and its settings in the sidebar. All that was left was this “and”. There is no option to delete it, because it simply no longer appears.
Apparently I’m going to have to delete this tab and redo it entirely, because there’s no way :frowning:

Captura de tela de 2023-11-10 09-31-57
Just as it disappeared out of nowhere, the filter appeared again out of nowhere. I just checked! It was a very strange bug, but at least it was temporary.
Now I have the option to delete them in the side settings bar! Everything is OK!

Missed the “And” in the original screenshot. Glad to hear that it has been fixed!