New UI and filters

new UI for quicksight, everytime I use a filter all of my text visuals disappear
Happens in the analysis and the dashboard itself.

Can you please share the screenshot and type of filter being used in this dashboard ?

all filters ( in the example is the categorial filter)

you can see that all of the top boxes were all with writing and links (using the insights visuals) and are not filtered with the filter and they are empty.
(The green rectangle is for security reasons and not a part of the problem )

Can you check the filter settings, if its configured for “All visuals of this data” set or “only this visual”.
If its All Visuals, switch it to Only this visual, on which this should be applied on.


I checked that first, there is no option to filter the insight (text) visuals

Thanks Gal. We messaged to get a few more details from you to be able to resolve this problem