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I want to create Analytics where the visuals change as per the filter/parameter selected.
Eg - I have an analysis for Bot 1 and Bot 2, where the graph and the KPI type are totally different.
So I will have to design/create different visuals for each bot on same page.
My ask is, if I select Bot 1, the designed visuals show up on the page.
And if I select Bot 2, the designed visuals for bot 2 shows up and the visuals for Bot 1 gets hidden on the same sheet.
I was wondering if this could be possible?

Regards - Himanshu M

HI @Mudgal , Yes it is possible can you just share some data on this so that we have an more understanding to create the analysis.

Thanks & Regards
Biswajit Dash


Hi @Biswajit_1993
Apologies for delayed reply.
I might not be able to share the exact dataset.
However, I can give you the idea of what I am looking for.

I have 2 categories of bot namely chat & email. They both have different types of KPI’s to be represented.
For now I was only able to show chat KPI visual on the dashboard, but now I need to show the email KPI’s as well.
So if I try to show both at once that might not be a good visual as the viewer might get confused as to what they are looking for.

I need a formula or a quicksight functionality which I can add in the control panel wherein if the user selects chat only the chat visuals show up and if user select email only the email visuals show up without distorting the template designed for the view.

I believe this might not be the sufficient information. Any help will be useful.

Thank you
Regards - Himanshu M

Hi @Mudgal ,
Thanks for providing the details query. No issues on datasets but as per my understanding I prepare one excel file and create the analysis.

PFB the steps to achieving the desired results.

Step -1

Create one string type parameter that is selection category and put the static default value as Bot 1


Step - 2

As per my datasets I created 4 KPIS visual.2 is for Bot 1 & another 2 is for Bot 2


Step - 3

Then create the visual level filter for all 4 KPIS chart.
For Bot 1 you just need to select the Bot 1
For Bot 2 you just need to select the Bot 2


Step - 4

Then you need to add the conditional rules for Bot 1 visual and Bot 2 visual.
For Bot 1 go to format visual the select Rules then select hide this visual by default
Then on the Add Rule sections just add the rule as per below picture.
Please do this same for both the Bot 1 visuals.

Next for Bot 2 follow the same process just go to format visuals then Rules then select hide this visual by default
Then on the Add Rule section just add the rule as per below picture.
Please do this same for both the Bot 2 visuals.

Step -5
Then just drag both the Bot 2 visual into Bot 1 visuals .
This things you can do because of use the space on the analysis and for better visualizations.

Step - 6
Then just published the analysis and check the visual.
If you select Bot 1 then Bot 1 visual will show you and if you select Bot 2 then Bot 2 visuals will show you.
I am taking Bot 1 as default parameter that is the reason, by default the Bot 1 data is showing.

Please follow these steps I think you can get your desired result.

Category Sales Profit
Bot 1 100 20
Bot 1 200 40
Bot 1 300 60
Bot 1 400 80
Bot2 1000 200
Bot2 2000 400
Bot2 3000 600
Bot2 4000 800

The above data sets I have used .

Thanks & Regards
Biswajit Dash


Awesome, This really worked.
Thank you for help @Biswajit_1993

Regards - Himanshu M.


Thanks @Mudgal for your revert. Happy to help you.

Thanks & Regards
Biswajit Dash

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Thank you, @Biswajit_1993! :slight_smile: :tada:

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