Analysis linked to a dataset does not reflect new columns added after dataset refresh

Hi Team,

I am using a table from my datasource as a SPICE dataset in Quicksight and creating an analysis using the latter. With any change in the data source table structure (addition/removal of columns), the analysis does not show the added/modified columns after the dataset refresh, however the data within the existing columns is refreshed. Do I have to rebuild my analysis every time there is a change in the data table structure? Or is there a way to refresh the analysis as well?

Example, my current analysis sourced from Table T in the database has 5 columns, A, B, C, D & E. If in the database, I can go and add columns F & G to the Table T, after the refresh in Quicksight, the dataset shows these new columns but my analysis does not. It still displays A, B, C, D & E.



Please note whenever you change the in table structure you need to press “SAVE & PUBLISH”.

This option will refresh the data and update the backend structure change.

Naveed Ali

Thanks for the response Naveed! This should work.