Apply filter across multiple sheets


I know this topic has been discussed before but other posters seemed to be satisfied with the parameter solution. Maybe I’m not alone in finding this difficult to manage and limited?

For context, my team uses Quicksight extensively for our reporting needs and have a couple of dashboards with a lot of filters and sheets.

An example to illustrate my point:
I have a dashboard with 6 filters across 8 pages, I need to manually add 48 filters, create 7 parameters (since there’s a date filter) and maintain them all separately.
Say I want to use the ‘Show relevant values only’ and ‘Show info icon’ features, then I need to set each one up separately.

This means the number of actions performed to reach the desired result are:

  • 7 parameter creations (which are time consuming in themselves, which is fine for most applications)
  • 48 filter creations
  • 48 x setup of ‘show relevant values only’
  • 48 x setup of ‘show info icon’
    = 151 actions for this use case for what feels like should be 8.

My dashboard users are also somewhat limited when it comes to the date filter :

  • Either I setup a Datetime range with start/end date parameters
  • Or some kind of relative date (like past N months)

→ Users no longer have the freedom to switch between relative dates or date ranges.

Why is this important to us?
I’m about to do this because my team is having major issues with forgetting to change filters on each page (resulting in reporting mistakes to customers or major time wasting :warning:). It would make such a difference if it was possible to apply a filter on multiple pages easily.

Interested to hear if anyone else has a similar use case, some tips on how to simplify the process, or if the feature of “Filters which apply across multiple sheets” has been considered by Quicksight Product team? Thanks!

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Hello @rachel, I completely understand how that amount of time spent would be frustrating and I think there are a couple of things you can utilize to improve your experience.

First, you can create your parameters directly on your dataset and map them to your analysis. The unfortunate aspect of this is that it will not allow for the select all feature and requires a default parameter value. Which if it is a date field at least this shouldn’t hinder that!

Another trick that I use, is when I create my first sheet of the analysis, I will make sure all of my filters, controls, and parameters are set up that I will need for my Dashboard. I’ll set the filters to all visuals of this dataset or all applicable visuals. I’ll make this all with a single table visual. Then I will make some copies of this single sheet and make sure I always have a leftover sheet with 1 visual in case I need to make more. This will keep you from rebuilding those filters on every single sheet in the dashboard. It is a little hacky, but it has saved me a lot of time.