Author asset export and sharing


I have a question regarding authors/readers and the extent to which they can manage QuickSight asset exports to which I was unable to find answers to.

Non-admin users asset (dashboards, analysis, etc.) exports

I would like to rebuild the existing QuickSight application by changing the security principals from current federated users and SSO to AD groups. For this I have to destroy the application and build it up again. The app is not heavily used atm so such an endeavour is not critical to the company. I would however like to retain the relevant assets within the current app. To do so I was planning to delegate this task individual authors who best know which dashboards, analyses and other assets are critical to their work.

The issue I am facing is that I didn’t find a way to enable them to export assets to .qs format so that they can be imported into the new app once it is setup. I realise that I can permissions to start-asset-bundle-export-job which would enable them to store relevant assets locally or in S3 storage but I think such undertaking is beyond their skill. So is there another way that an export can be done such that the end result is a QuickSight .qs file which can be imported into and QuickSight application?


Hello @kumpir, welcome to the QuickSight Community! I am going to be completely honest, this is not an easy process and it can be fairly tedious. I am going to define the steps needed to make this happen and link you some documentation. Main thing to know, it is possible to move the Dashboards/Analyses across accounts.

Make sure you have Analyses that are exactly the same as your production level dashboards that you want to migrate.

Utilize the DescribeAnalysis function and create templates of the analyses. Use the dataset arns for the ones linked to the dashboards and use the dashboard/analysis arns. Documentation on QuickSight Resource arns.

The templates will need to be shared with the source account and the new account. Then the templates can be used to create new dashboards and analyses in the new QuickSight account. Here is documentation on that step of the process.

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Hi Dylan,

Thanks for the help. I’ll review your answer and get back to you if there will be any outstanding questions.