Behavior when CLS is set

I had the same issue " Column level Security for a table:" when I configured CLS.
I have issued a ticket and have contacted AWS, but have not received a response yet.
According to the documentation, "If a table or PivotTable value field has restricted columns, you can view the table in an analysis or dashboard that contains only the values you have access to. Values in restricted columns are shown as ‘Not’ will be However, my analysis hides the entire visual. (I don’t see any accessible values either)
Is there a way around this?
Anyone have any information?

Yeah, whenever I’ve used CLS I can’t see the entire visual.

I know you already opened up a support case, but that’s really all you can do right now. I can also mark this as a feature request.

I got the following response from support:

We have confirmed that QuickSight operates as follows.
・If you set a field restricted by CLS in the “Group by” field well of the table, the error “You can’t access this visual beause this field is restricted:mobile”
・If you set a field restricted by CLS in the “Value” field well of the table, “Not authorized” is displayed for each value.

I have confirmed that it behaves according to the answer.