Column level Security for a table

I have created a table which contains member details. when I add column level security for fields such as mobile number and email id. The users are unable to view the whole visual (not even other columns excluding mobile number and email id). I read somewhere that column level security can be applied for measure only. Is there any workaround for the above mentioned use-case?

Hi @karthik.kumar - I saw the AWS documentation and not sure CLS is only applicable to measures only. See the below link and validate whether you have configured CLS properly or not.

If the issue is still persists, please raise an AWS ticket ( link to raise a ticket- Creating support cases and case management - AWS Support)
. If you do not have access to raise a ticket, request your admin to help you on this.

Regards - San

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Thanks for the reply San, As per the document it states " If a table or pivot table has restricted columns in the Values field well, you can see the table in an analysis or dashboard with only the values that you have access to. The values for restricted columns show as Not Authorized".
Here I would like to apply CLS for mobile and email, These cannot be added in value field well. Is there a work around this?

Hi @karthik.kumar - It should work for you. Can you follow the document and implement the CLS for a new data set and see the outcome. If it is not working, quick suggestion to raise a ticket and show your screen to AWS experts so that they will validate the configurations.

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Regards - San

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Sure San. Will check that out. Quick question- Is this applicable only for the new datasets and not for the existing ones ?

Hi @karthik.kumar - Create a new data set and try this out?

Regards - San

This isnt working with new dataset as well. Correct me if I am doing it wrong, I have attached a screenshot for your reference .

Hi @karthik.kumar - Can you please raise a ticket to AWS team so that they can validate your configuration of CLS and guide you.

Regards -San