Binary criterias pivoting in the same barchart

I have some projects names and for each them there are criterias like Safety, Quality of Life, Mobility and community connectivity, Economic competitiveness and opportunity, Innovation, Partnership and Collaboration, State of Good Repair: These seem to be different criteria or goals that the projects aim to address or improve, also scored as 0 or 1. I want to see how many projects for each criteria has meet. they should be in same graph.

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Thanks @Alireza_Bavafa for posting your query. It would be really helpful if you can share a sample of your dataset with us. However, based on whatever information you have shared it seems that you need to project the criteria in the “Group By” section of any visual and Project Name in the “Values” section with its aggregate property set as Count. That would give you the count of projects across different criteria in a graph. In case you would like to introduce a 3rd dimension such as Goals, that can also be introduced in the “Group/Color” field well. Tried to provide a below sample implementation with my sample dataset where I have projected count of countries across different industries further segmented by Order years. Hope this helps!

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@sagmukhe Hi
Thank you for your attention.
A sample of my database is as follows:

i need to see sum of the each column on a same graph. ( Each column is a criteria like safety, Quality of Life, etc)

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Thanks @Alireza_Bavafa for your prompt response. In that case, if my understanding is correct, you can create a calculated field to add all these different columns corresponding to your different criteria e.g.

Calculated Field = Enviornmental Sustainbility + Safety + Quality of Life + Innovation … so on and so forth. Once that is done, you can project this calculated columns in a visual by putting it in the “Values” field well while the Project name can be in the “Group by” column. Is there any way, you will be able to share your example target visual representation?

Hello @Alireza_Bavafa, did the response provided by @sagmukhe help you achieve your desired output? I will go ahead and mark his response as the solution, but if you have any follow-up questions, please let us know!