Calculation field - new user count

I have a database.
I would like to count only new contacts

for example

November 14th

user andrea
user jack
user john

November 15 the same database is made up of

user andrea
user frank

I’m only interested in counting the new ones

so on November 15th I should have +1 (due to Frank who wasn’t there on the 14th)

I don’t care about Jack and John if they’re no longer here
How do I calculate the +1


Hello Andrea,

Have you tried using distinct_count? assuming users have unique id’s or are unique
for more info - distinct_count - Amazon QuickSight

Hope this helps.


Hi @Deep if I use the distinct count on November 15th I will have -1 less than on the 14th

I need a kind of check on the emails (name) so that only the new ones are recognized and the ones counted

Hello Andrea,

May be you could use in combination with runningsum.

Fore more info - runningSum - Amazon QuickSight

Let me know if this helps.


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