Can I duplicate an analysis & dashboard and then change the data source

I have a analysis and an accompanying dashboard, which I need to use on multiple data sets and distribute each dashboard separately.
I have a lot of filters & parameters and I do not want to repeat the configuration of these filters and parameters every time.
Is there a way to duplicate the analysis and modify the dataset without re-doing all the filters and parameters?

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Yes it is possible. You should first use the “Save as” button in your analysis to copy it under a new name. Then you should be able to replace the dataset in the analysis by clicking the pencil icon next to the dataset name in the left pane and selecting a new dataset


Thank you very much! This worked

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@darcoli Good evening,
Based on your response, this means that the visuals are duplicated in different analyses for each new dataset. In this situation, is it possible to have a dashboard refer to worksheets which are located different analyses? Since the visuals are identical but only the dataset changes, I was wondering whether the same dashboard can combine these worksheets located in different analyses.

Thank you