Replace Dataset in duplicate sheet

There are multiple sheets I need to create with same visuals, but each of the sheets I want to use needed to be in different. It’s that possible to simply duplicate the sheet and replace dataset?

Hi @Fiona_Feng,

It is possible to duplicate a sheet in a dashboard and to replace the dataset in that sheet. However, the dataset you replace would need to have the same fields with the same naming conventions or the visuals will display errors.

To do so, click the dropdown arrow next to the name of the sheet in your analysis and select “Duplicate sheet”. Then go to your new sheet, click the pencil icon next to your dataset, click the 3 dots next to the dataset you want to replace, click replace, then select the dataset you want to replace it with.



Hi @Peter, I am also trying to achieve the same thing where I want to create multiple sheets with the same visuals but different datasets. I tried duplicating my sheet and then replacing the dataset as mentioned above. But this replaces the dataset in both the sheets, however I want 1 sheet to retain the original dataset and other sheet to change.
Is it possible to achieve that yet?



@Seerat, I have your same problem, did you find a solution?

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Hi Claudia, I did a workaround where I duplicated the analysis and published as different dashboards. In 1 main master dashboard, I gave links to these different dashboards. This worked for my team. Let me know if you want me to walk through.

QuickSight does not provide an easy way to do this through UI yet. You should be able to achieve this programmatically by calling describeAnalysis, changing the definition in text editor of your choice and calling updateAnalysis APIs (see DescribeAnalysis - Amazon QuickSight)

Hi Tatyana,

How do we replace datasets while using amazonbi account?

Hi Tatyana,
I’m am currently trying to achieve that, could you explain a little bit more how did you manage to do this with describeAnalysis ?