Can I filter data from dataset by date before the analysis?

I am trying to create a date filter for a specific category which will enter only the values after a certain date into the dataset.

Example - all sales from canada after 01/01/21
Cant seem to do it with the filters or “ifelse” calculated fields, any other ideas?


Yes, you can use it by parameter. Create two calculated filed one for min_date and other max_date on your date set.

Assign both value to min_param and max _param.

Finally, set both param value in date filter as min and max value.

Naveed Ali

Hi naveed,
The issue is that I don’t want to add more filters and parameters in the analysis, I want to filter it out in the dataset before.
I wanted to add a min date inside a calculated field but It did not let me use it.

Hi @Gal : At the dataset level, note that there is a “Filter” option on the left side panel. If “Fields” is expanded, “Filter” might be all the way at the bottom. Anyway, here you can add a date filter before the analysis.
Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 10.11.54 AM

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