Can I use a conditional calculated field in a map?


Is it possible to use a calculated field with an if else statement for your geospatial field on a map visual?

The goal is to use a parameter to control which field is used as the geospatial field on a map. Each field on its own is recognized as geospatial but the calculated field returns a string datatype, so it can’t be used on a map.

The workaround I have found is to duplicate the visual 10 times (for 10 possible geospatial fields) layered on top of each other then hide and show each visual based on parameter settings. My goal is to avoid this because it makes editing difficult when there are several layers. Also I require more sheets because of the visual limit.

I am curious if there is a function I can use to convert my calculated field from string to geospatial? Or a formatting setting?


Hi @rbrady ,

There’s currently no way to change a data type to geospatial in an analysis. I’ve tagged this as a #feature-request for our service team to evaluate. You’ll have to show/hide the visuals for now.


Okay, thanks for your quick response!