Can not load 20 or more columns data in Table visual

I am trying to load 16 to 20 columns wide table with approximately 4k rows using direct qury dataset into Quicksight. Direct query is working fine, even different visuals/plots built on this data are working fine but when I load table visual it show error.

Can you please help me to resolve this error?

Hello @nupura.sawle - There is a limit of around 200 columns in the Table Visual currently. Hence I don’t think the restriction of columns is relevant in this case. Perhaps you can take a look at the data volume or no. of data points that you are trying to project in the visual. Hope this helps!


@sagmukhe I am currently trying to show 18 columns and approximately 17k rows. Anyreason why it will fail?

@sagmukhe I’m having the same exact issue. I have multiple visuals using the same dataset and the only visual not loading is the table (which has around 20 columns and less than 2000 rows).
When I change the Query Mode to SPICE, I don’t have this issue anymore.

Hey @nupura.sawle could you solve it without using SPICE?

@sagmukhe what I found out while debugging this data load issue is Quicksight runs a custom query to load dataset by adding clause to limit load 100 rows and in my case the table indexing wasn’t working right. Quickest way to know if it is a query/database an issue is try and run query with limit 100 clause and see if it’s running fine in database IDE tool. Example, select * from tableA limit 100;
In my case this simple query was running extremely slow and after adding appropriate indexing Quicksight dashboard started to load fine