Can we Export Table Visual Data to Excel with Format (Colors/Grids so on..)

Can we Export Table Visual Data to Excel with Format (Colors/Grids so on…)

Export to excel currently does not support preserving format at the moment. We have this feature on our roadmap. Do you have specific formats that you are looking for?

Thanks for Update. I am Just Looking same format as Table in quicksight when trying to export table visual data to Excel

I was looking for the same thing. Currently the number format is maintained in the exported excel (units, currency symbol etc although is stores as text instead of numeric). I would like if we can even have the cell colors for headers and total row so easier to highlight.

With Paginated Reporting Add-On you can now schedule the export of tables / pivot tables as Excel Workbooks. This export also preserves formatting including cell colors for headers.

You can read more here:
Scheduling and sending reports by email - Amazon QuickSight

Hi there, wondering if there was ever a final solution to completely maintain the visualizations format when exporting into excel? I understand that as of right now i can export the data behind the visualizations, but when creating reports or presenting it, having it in the same (or similar) visual to QuickSight will be a lot easier to display. I know that this post is old(ish), but any response on a solution for this would be great!