Cancel Date Filter

I have an analysis that present the last x months.
My client needs to be able easily to cancel this date and present all the data that this dataset has
(I can suggest him to add a big number in the N number but i would like to see if there is an easier/user friendly way to do something like that)
Thank you for your help
With Kind Regards

Hi @Sofia-Bourika ,
the easiest way would probably be to click on three dots next to the date filter and press ‘Reset’ button. Important is that it will reset it to the original value set, so when the dashboard is being published, make sure the default is set to the desired date range. Hope it helps.

Thank you Anton for the quick response,
I don’t want to reset my filter but cancel it. Thus, my users can see all the data this dataset has

Hi @Sofia-Bourika,

If your use case is to be able to show the data for all dates while in an analysis, you can click the filters tab in the analysis, click the 3 dots and then you can disable your filter as shown below.

If you need to be able to toggle between specific dates and all dates from a dashboard (or an analysis), you can use @Anton’s suggestion. As @Anton mentioned, make sure you publish your dashboard with your date filter set to all dates. Then, if a user has previously selected a date range in the dashboard and now wants to see data across all dates, you can reset your filter to see all data.