Cannot find the "Forecast" button on QS

Can someone enlighten me on how to access the forecast insight on QS? I have a line chart with a date field on x axis and according to documentation if I click on the three dots on the menu bar of the visual, the option will appear but it doesn’t! Anyone knows why?

Hello @Fotis_flex, that is interesting, I have not been able to replicate this. My thought is that it has something to do with the data you are using. Since there is not much variability in the data, it is usually returning 1, sometimes spiking at 2, my thought is QuickSight is not able to determine a forecast. Try a line graph with a different value for your y-axis and see if it shows up. You can also check the lightbulb icon on the visual to see what it is suggesting.

Hello @Fotis_flex, I wanted to reach out and see if my above response was helpful to guide you towards a solution. If we do not hear back in 3 days, I will go ahead and archive this topic. Let me know if you have any further questions on this issue. Thank you!

Hey @DylanM . Thanks for coming back. It looks like Quicksight has a limitation. If for e.g you group color your metric to include the trend for >1 years, then the forecast feature can’t be applied. When I set just a single field on x -axis w/o any grouping then it appears. Thanks fo answering

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Hello @Fotis_flex, that is super helpful information. Thank you for getting back to me and responding with your findings. I marked your response as the solution since you were able to figure out the limitation.